Here is a list of frequently asked questions, following answers:

1.  Q: What are your service rates?

A: Rates for different services are listed on the ‘SERVICES’ page.


2.   Q: Do you offer promotions or discounts for services?

A: There may be discounted services offered if you subscribe for the monthly newsletter.


3.   Q: How do I schedule appointment times for our training sessions?

A: Click on the ‘Schedulicity’ button located to the lower, right side of each page; or go to https://www.schedulicity.com/scheduling/TYBKSG


4.   Q: Where do you train from?

A: Location depends on the agreement arranged between trainer (Train Your Body SD Coach) and client.


5.   Q: How do I purchase merchandise or pay for services?

A:  You can click on the ‘Services,’ ‘The Orchid,’ or ‘Merchandise’ link on the site www.TrainYourBodySD.com


6.   Q: Who created and designed your website?

A: Rachel Perkins, Email: raelatourperkins@yahoo.com


7.   Q: Who did the photography for your site?

A: Ian Gutierrez, Fides.rex@gmail.com


8.    Q: If I have other questions not answered on the site, how can I contact you?

A: Please feel free to email me at TrainYourBodySD@gmail.com with any further questions.